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Viktoria Boyko

As a figurative sculptor, oil painter and animator, Viktoria Boyko seeks to explore human internal narratives. For her these experiences are quite physical, grounded in her body. It is through our bodies that we perceive, remember, and react to the world. She therefore sets out to transcribe these internal experiences into physical objects, evoking the emotions through the materials and poses for her sculptures, by creating distorted, body-like shapes that often evoke the human form in sensual yet witty ways. The scale of her sculptures suits the intimate themes they address. Moreover, rather shouting their size it is an invitation to come closer and engage with their world.

Her oil paintings allow blurred glimpses into a private world, exploring the presence of time and memory, as well as being objects of contemplation, demanding the viewer’s complete absorption.

The animations are usually displayed on old-fashioned TV screens and are constantly changing scenes, with the intention to be discovered slowly, a kaleidoscope of unexpected events, animated familiar objects and illustrated everyday-life, with the aim of experiencing something new every time the viewer looks at the screen.



Louisa Marriott