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Sophia-Jade Herrington

“Being someone else in the land of escapism doesn’t exactly give us numbers that we can gauge, but it’s like a real lost form of magic which exists but can’t be measured. There is a unique power in art to transform and lift our limits. … Real life inspires our escape, and sometimes that escape is very needed.” Uldus Bakhtiozina

Sophia Herrington’s work uses makeup, clothing and objects to create characters which are captured through photography. Her work challenges the notion of a fixed identity, exploring the idea that identity is something that is fluid and can be transformed through makeup.

Herrington’s work is inspired by the drag queen community, Instagram, kawaii culture, nostalgia and visuals that reference 1990s aesthetics. These evoke a sense of escapism for Herrington; she uses makeup as a way of escaping her reality by creating an image which is undiscovered within her own identity.

Herrington is influenced by artists such as Cindy Sherman and Uldus Bakhtiozina as well as Instagram artists Mika Francis and Kelly Eden. Herrington is interested in how internet culture can be brought into the fine art realm and how the self can be challenged through art practice.


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