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Sophia Cooper

Sophia Cooper is an artist, collaborator and activist, focused on the importance of a physical prescience of art within our culture: that it is a means to gear towards equal conversations, representation and interaction of current social concerns, defaulting in their political involvement. Specialized in painting, more importantly the repurposing of the traditional medium’s emotive connections to audience members in current contexts, each individual investigation takes on underlying topics from humanitarian subjects to poetry and current affairs and is put together in her own self expression in the medium. Adding to this, considerations around exhibition involvement for audiences are a key feature of the work itself, as well as collaborations for further investigation of these subjects through workshops and events in a co-learning ideology. Both aspects of her practice share the outlook to not only educate and underline political and social turmoil as a prolific problem, but also extend hope and unity to the equation, to work and empower each other towards amicable solutions.

Alveera Rahman