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Shannon Plews

Shannon Plews is interested in absence, focusing strongly on the replacement, removal and covering of images. She is fascinated by how one of these motions can cause an absence of imagery, and how the image is then affected. Plews has been looking at showing covered, privately seen images publicly, and how and to what extent that this affects the intimacy or delicacy of an image. Many of the images that she covers are nudes, which are often personal paintings, which she would prefer not to be shown publicly and would often prefer to keep as private images, although they are displayed in a public space. Many of the images have suggestions of the image underneath coming through. She uses wool to cover her images in a similar way to clothing and its properties, as something that both hides the body and is a form of protection. Although unavailable to see once the imagery is covered over, the painting and its subject matter beneath are always relevant to each piece.

Robyn Bailey