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Saskia Van Woerkom

Saskia Van Woerkom enjoys working with a range of different media such as photography and printmaking, with a main focus on painting. She uses acrylics and oils to create a range of abstract outcomes, often exploring the theme of nature, in particular the rhythmic tensions and the restless nature of land and sea in experiment with pattern, colour, shape and space within her paintings. This often leads to totally non-figurative and expressive works.

Colour is also integral to her practice, creating exciting and captivating outcomes. Van Woerkom thoroughly enjoys working instinctively, on the spot with no particular plan. Experimenting with mark-making is also very important to her practice. The addition of erratic, selective lines and dots to the free-flowing painting style creates a sense of movement and energy. Texture is vital within her practice in order to capture a certain atmosphere, creating depth and richness, adopting a layering effect by using a wide range of materials such as acrylics, coloured chalk, oil pastels and fine liners.

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