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Reece Lindberg

Reece Lindberg’s artwork connects societal deterioration to mundane life; he demonstrates a pragmatic approach to bringing light on issues relating to his own life through a colourful display of mismatching artworks. Within his work, he focuses primarily on human subject to convey stories. Themes are repetitive within the work, with an overt and emphasised relationship to himself, however the clarity and simplicity fluctuates. The work which depicts a bird painted onto clear glass over an abstracted formula of colour paints the themes of freedom and restriction; fragility between the two realms. At the other end of the spectrum the print depicting a person in a tree simply would hold no connotations of a deeper meaning, but in relation to the bird painting the person is representative of someone finding their freedom. Lindberg’s recent works capture a brave insight into social distress and how it has directly affected his home life.

Louisa Marriott