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Nhung Ha

Nhung Ha’s work largely consists of three-dimensional forms depicting the female figure in a range of materials. Nhung engages with her materials and processes in a fast-paced manner, resulting in different surface textures in her bronze sculptures. Therefore in some of her bronze sculptures there are visible traces of her fingerprints. She creates these textures using wet clay, modelling wax, scrim and plaster and slush wax. Her work investigates the identity, sexuality and gender constructs that people perform. Nhung is inspired by her own experiences of both the expression and repression of her own identity as well as her sexuality. Researching into the gender stereotyped posing postures of males and females, Nhung has challenged this concept by depicting female forms that incorporate typically male poses. Nhung prefers to work mainly in bronze, but she maintains an open attitude to other materials.

Jack Richards