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Menna Erin Payne

Menna Erin Payne’s practice consists of documenting and exploring her experiences in romantic and non-romantic relationships. Payne’s techniques involve a variety of methods such as using accessible materials, sewing, knitting, embroidery, quilting and other textile-based methods. These skills allow Payne to be able to create a connection with female family members who had the same knowledge and expertise.

Payne’s use of embroidery and textiles plays a large part in her practice as she adopts the juxtaposition of cursive writing, soft fabrics and vulgar language, making her work honest and relevant to current British youth culture.

Be it the re-purposing of clothing into embroidered pieces or making of a quilt from similar materials, she considers her practice as a form of therapy. Payne is inclusive of everyone within her practice, as we all go through emotional turmoil and are aggravated by specific circumstances.

Robyn Bailey