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Mary Jones

Mary Jones’s work is concerned with repressed trauma from childhood, along with it surfacing in later life. Impermanence is a constant part of her work as the pieces deteriorate and become ‘useless’ after a period of time. She uses rust as a metaphor for this impermanence and letting go. She is interested in the language of the material that unfolds naturally and the unpredictability it brings to the process of making. She finds a spiritual link between something refined slowly transforming into nothingness.

Jones’s interest in childhood trauma has led her to delve into her own subconscious mind and her behaviour which informs her current work. She is intrigued with how the subconscious mind works and tries to show how it plays out within her practice. The focus is more on the subtle everyday happenings in a child’s life which often go overlooked, though the after-effects can be noticed later in life. She also creates sculptures of different hand gestures to show the link between mental illness and physical illness.

Louisa Marriott