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Maisie Mofatt

Maisie Moffat’s artwork focuses on the relationship between man and nature, through re-enchantment. It is her belief that the increasing prevalence of urbanisation and industrialisation over the course of the last century has resulted in a lack of respect for and understanding of the natural world. It is this disenchantment which has subsequently led to the pollution and destruction of our planet. Often inspired by folklore, mythology, gods and goddesses of old religion Moffat aims to give a face to the wildness; a face to natural phenomena. Playing on the compassion and empathy of the viewer whilst also reinventing timeworn narratives for a modern audience and creating character through the use of props and costume, Moffat’s work often comprises both natural and manmade materials. Due to the nature of these materials she uses photography as a means to document and make permanent these characters, with the photographs themselves often becoming the conclusion of the work.

Instagram @maisiemoffatart

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