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Lucy Goulding

Throughout her time at University, Lucy Goulding has taken on the challenge to unearth the true motives behind her art making. With influences from Abstract Expressionists such as Helen Frankenthaler and Mark Rothko, she delves into a world of creative impulses and the unveiling of unconscious desires through gestural mark making.

It wasn’t until her final year of study that Goulding applied this abstraction to display a perspective on current environmental issues. Recent exhibitions at the University showcased Bin Bag Mountain and Human Disasters, two artworks by Goulding that explored destructive human impact on the environment through sculpture and abstract paintings. Human Disasters (2018) argues with the morality behind using the term ‘natural disasters’ for catastrophes that are more than often a result of human activity.

From an early age, Goulding had the opportunity to travel to various unspoilt locations around the globe, instilling in her a great sense of gratitude towards our natural world. With as little as paint and a brush, Goulding is able to curate her own exclusive environments, unspoilt by the ignorance of man and his calamitous machines.

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