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Lewis Stinchcombe

Lewis Stinchcombe’s practice incorporates the global crisis of climate change we all face and many choose to ignore on a daily basis. His focus is a specific topic, recycling and waste disposal; while many people care about waste management, there are still many who choose to leave objects they don’t want in the streets, and these are accumulating more and more every day.

The artist has been productive in collecting objects discarded by many, deeming them useful once more. He has an aesthetic approach to creating another use for them. Stinchcombe has also been painting the objects as subject matter with explosive colours of the spectrum, diverting the audience’s attention to the pieces using an expressionist style of painting. Forcing not just the object but the colours to become important, he also exaggerates the size of them, towering over an average person to force the realisation that they exist.

Stinchcombe questions the reality of our environment through the action of dropping items onto the floor and leaving them to be weathered and accumulate. He draws upon this metaphoric imaginative connection, comparing us to objects against an emotional background of abandonment, both out of place and yet needing to be noticed.

Robyn Bailey