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Laura Potts

Laura Potts’ practice aims to combine a number of skills to explore the opportunities that creativity brings. Across artwork, writing, research and activism her work varies in medium; questioning the ‘limits’ of each field. Working creatively across these spheres with a focus on ethics and research being key to her practice, she has developed a focus and critique of the irony that often swamps the art world or artwork that is produced. Through media such as clay and fabric, the artist’s work challenges the interface between craft, art and modern technology. Clay’s democratic nature along with fabric’s endearing associations internalize their own prejudices. Her work reflects on the visual value of an object, what can be intellectually abstracted from the artwork. Abstraction as a form of making and production reflects the world in which it was created. Modern abstraction could suggest that the ‘abstracted’ is the external commentary and conditions produced as a result of the artwork’s existence, eaning the consequences, commentaries and morality which can be abstracted from a work of art. Her practice develops this concept as ‘making’ centres on the problematic discourse between art production and ethical narrative.

Instagram: l.p_art



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