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Jodie Young

Jodie Young was born in Corby, Northamptonshire. Her work focuses on her interest in memory and mental health. After reading a report on shocking mental health statistics for young people of her town, she was inspired to reflect on personal memories of her early adolescence when country walks with her grandfather and brother would often bring a sense of peace during emotional times. It’s this that latterly, encouraged her to research towards understanding ecotherapy. It’s this that has led Young to create town specific interpretations of the locations, responding to these memories through her play with various mediums and materials. Recently her process with painting builds layers, experimenting and refining how to successfully convey the contrast of the hazy and engraved memories within her mind. Although primarily using paint, she tries not to limit herself and allows the subject matter to lead to new media and areas of interest. After completion of her degree she aims to build a career in child and adolescent mental health work to give something back to her community, but will continue her practice on the side.



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