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Ji-Young Kim

Ji-young Kim is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice revolves around creating an immersive experience for the spectator. Visually playful with unsettling undertones, these animated mixed-media pieces come to life through physical interactions with the audience, merging the definition of what a sculpture and painting is by combining them in an interactive way.

Taking inspiration from the body in the everyday, Kim distorts the familiar limbs into the unfamiliar and uncomfortable. Manipulating the visualised thoughts of the body into a multitude of abstract paintings and interactive sculptures, Kim is intrigued by the relationship between the artist and the spectator. Using the body as a common element to explore and interrogate the obscured levels of influence the viewer has on the artist, Kim plays with the audience’s perception and invites it to bring her pieces to life in its final stage. Inviting a process of the viewers to see work inspired by the body in a cycle of the art looking back at them; the inspiration for the bodily works.

Tessa Fox