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Jack Dickens

Within Jack Dickens’ work there is a blend of fine art, illustrative, and graphic design elements. The attempt is to tread the line between commercial art and a new kind of digital aesthetic for the gallery in this post-historical age, aiming to break down the exclusivity that exists within fine art, in part due to the need for art historical contexts. He believes that elitist works are often based around prior knowledge for their comprehension, but by removing this need, he thinks truer subjectivity is possible for a wider audience.

Dickens’ work is created digitally, allowing him to merge the creative disciplines more easily, editing illustrations into graphics and finally presenting them in a fine art format. Working by editing and repeating elements from piece to piece, this method is akin to sampling, in the same way that electronic music can be made. He perpetually re-configures compositions, to create a familiarity of certain subjects.

There is a subtle theme of morality running through the works but its appearance is vague. Most of all he hopes to make images that are open ended, having new aesthetic value for purely visual appreciation, with the potential of further conceptual analysis if the viewer wishes.

Tessa Fox