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Iyesha Walker

Fashioned around soft shapes that may be oddly familiar at the same time as being unrecognisable, unusual materials spill texture, often handmade or existing with different intended uses. Iyesha Walker brings the ugly, the decaying and the overlooked to the forefront within her work, from the beginning of her process in sketchbook drawings throughout to the final soft sculptural forms. The making of the sculptures are a metamorphic process, constantly evolving over the period of making and constantly existing as a close-to-finished piece. Walker finds herself inspired by the visuals of the process as well as the act itself.

For her practice, Walker explores the limits of subjects such as the body, a subject matter that is ever changing and easily accessible, as well as plants, bringing both flourishing life and slow deaths, discarded, often un-interesting everyday materials, and the process of metamorphosis. With her sculptures often uncomfortably placed, Walker’s final aim is to attract and repulse: what is it? Why is it there? How did it get there?

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