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Harvey Wyatt

Harvey Wyatt’s practice works within the realms of Feminism and Pop Culture, looking mostly into how women are represented in “Geek Culture” i.e. video games, comic books and films within the science fiction, superheroes and fantasy genres.

Wyatt has grown up with a fascination for the female heroine, characters like Wonder Woman from the Justice League, Storm from the X-Men and Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. These ‘superwomen’ are interesting to him as they are far more complex than the typical damsel, romantic female character. The superwoman is many things: on the one hand she is as strong, powerful and intelligent as a male counterpart, however she is constantly hindered by her appearance and sexuality.

Wyatt explores as many of these superwomen as possible and appropriates their image, making them a sole focus of attention, putting both their power and their sexuality onto the canvas. He works mostly with drawing and painting; the work is not there to make a social statement, as he leaves the interpretation up to the viewer: it is made purely for his own joy and to celebrate these superwomen as the heroes of his childhood.

Robyn Bailey