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Harri Smithson

Harri Smithson’s work focuses on colour, poetry and shape. Focusing her art around meaning, she has created an art piece where audience participation becoming part of the artwork is emphasised. With meaning and a personal sense to her work, she is inviting the general public to make the work relevant to them. Using social media to show the aesthetically pleasing colour and inviting nature. Smithson is inspired by urban culture and gesture. This has led to a number of projects including organising The City and The Square located at Anglia Square shopping centre, as well as working with a number of well-established artists from all over the country in other curatorial roles. Ambitious and driven, Smithson aims to carry on her work as a curator and organiser within an art field as she is constantly inspired by the art that surrounds her either in gallery or online contexts.

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  • Instagram -@hsmithsonfineart

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