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Hannah Lock

Hannah Lock wants to move the viewer’s eyes through an experience of contrasting and harmonious colours that intertwine into lines that trick and begin to trigger motion. Fascinated by human perception, and how one viewer’s reception of a piece can be completely different to the next, Lock wants to both challenge and appreciate the role of the viewer when observing a painting: to not just view the piece, but to become a part of it coming alive before their eyes. The participation of light and the position of the viewer plays on the visibility of the lines and begins to provoke motion and oscillation throughout the paintings.

By combining specific movements and precise arrangements of lines with the natural behaviour of materials, Lock explores the interaction between intention and chance and how this relationship alters the sense of motion for the viewer: a sense of tranquillity, disorientation or optical excitement. Does the sense of flickering motion leave viewers desiring less time with the painting, or are they drawn into the visual feast of dancing lines and pulsating colour?

Jack Richards