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HanHee Shin

Looked at from a bird eye view, we can see that this world is full of segmented spaces. Originally the world was full of space and there was no man-made space or separations. Then, people started to disconnect the space of the inside from the outside world. The separation can run deep, they still create and divide space even more. In the case of a house, space is segmented into different floors and then again into different rooms. HanHee Shin’s research and practice contemplate on where these separations will end.

HanHee’s current practice focuses on the concept of space by referencing the white cube. It is an experiment that creates spatial experiences for people using large-scale installations and observing how they react to space. We are sensitive to our surroundings; working this way provides an accessible means for members of the public to interact with her work. There is no fixed result to the outcomes of her experiment and her work is completed only with the reactions from the viewers. However getting no participation from the audience is also a form of response to the spaces she makes.

Robyn Bailey