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George Wark

George Wark’s work has been hugely influenced by the sixties Optical Art movement, focusing on the idea of retinal reaction due to over-stimulation and playing with perception. Artists such as Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely are highly important to him due to their art being so dedicated to the style and its advancement. After Op Art fell out of fashion in the late sixties he feels that the ideas behind it have been given new context in the highly stimulating, digital world.

Such a strong style requires a medium that can give the work real boldness. To this end Wark’s chosen medium is tape since it allows him to create straight, robust lines on nearly any surface. This has meant he has been free to experiment with scale and setting, working on huge walls and in small, curved spaces. Not being confined by size and convention has meant he has been able to develop his style and play freely with pattern and colour in a bid to create works that create the most interesting retinal reaction in the viewer. This has led to a very geometric but playful style, creating visually stimulating and memorable pieces. ​

Robyn Bailey