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George Armstrong

George Armstrong is a multidisciplinary artist whose recent work investigates how art is viewed and the implications of replication. His research delves into the philosophy of reality as simulacrum, the unwavering acceptance of ‘tradition’ and the natural human tendency for complacency.

When media shapes our world, the influx of poor images becomes dominant over any original work of art. We are more often presented with images and information that with versions of the truth, our conception and boundaries blur and misinformation is frequently taken as ‘truth’.

By investigating pseudo representations Armstrong attempts to uncover the layers of distortion that are impacting on our everyday lives, to reveal how we have become complacent.

Through using traditional techniques such as printmaking, and contrasting digital processes, Armstrong challenges different ways of working and portrays a reality where the reproduction becomes over-indulged and the original increasingly neglected.

Alveera Rahman