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Emily Gardiner

The creative practice of Emily Gardiner is centred upon objects. Gardiner’s concept-driven practice often produces sculptural-based works, yet through detailed research projects can take on a multimedia nature. The artist’s practice delves into understanding objects as a non-verbal language; which through placement, materiality and context reveals an often-subtle series of narratives. Permanence and impermanence are both key traits of Gardiner’s work, as she uses the fundamental characteristics of her objects to go beyond their day-to-day functionality, projecting them as allies, companions and even imposters. Gardiner’s work is often coupled with poems or pieces of creative writing that allow the work to be examined through deeper levels of cognition and sensation; thus, portraying a more personified view of the object. The artist’s stimulus for creating artworks stems from a curiosity about the juxtaposition in which the secular and the sacred are combined, which expresses itself as an urge to memorialise the seemingly ephemeral qualities of everyday life. For that reason, the majority of Gardiner’s work has the tendency to be thought of as site-specific yet echoing a common reality.

Tessa Fox