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Elena Torrano

Elena Torrano’s work is an exploration in the ways materials can work together. She combines glass wax, resin, acrylic, mirror and acrylic paint to create her dreamlike sculptures. She sees her sculptures as an extension of abstract painting with the pieces dripping and growing out of their surfaces. They are not limited to the confines of traditional surface-based painting but bridge the gap between painting and sculpture.

Torrano’s works exist in that space between reality and fantasy with the softness of her work being both safe and otherworldly.  They are based in the emotions of the artist in which the blocks can stand in as metaphors for growth, change and beauty. The glass surfaces reflect these positive spiritual feelings back at the viewer so they can be absorbed by these feelings too. The mesmerizing colours capture this dreamlike and surreal atmosphere in which all our emotions live. These sculptures reflect the light back to the viewer, using natural and artificial light to enhance the colours and bring the sculptures to life.

Robyn Bailey