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Deanna Palfrey

Deanna Palfrey is an artist influenced by the nature around her. Her style of work is very much line-structured imagery. Whether that is shown through pen on paper or prints. Other than producing work that is commissioned to her, she sticks to the same subject. She has a way of producing these drawings in such a way that they have a great deal of fine detail even with one or two media. From these images the viewer can see that even when adding a burst of colour and light she is still using her iconic pen work. She produces images of the things you want to see every day. She makes sure that every material used can be recycled so that nothing will damage her inspiration. For commissioned work she uses a very minimal approach unless colour is asked for. She will try her best to make her works exactly as requested; this is because one of Palfrey’s aim is to bring life and joy into people’s homes, whether in family portraits, images of cars or of nature, yet still being true to her work and style.


Louisa Marriott