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Courtney Stubbings

Courtney Stubbings responds to the theme of sexual health and wellbeing within her work, starting a dialogue about this topic in a way that she feels has been grossly neglected in the public eye and mainstream sexual education. In the past she has focused on discussing and depicting symptoms of HIV, HPV genital warts and specialising in herpes, with the intention of raising awareness of these conditions. What are they like to live with? How they are transmitted? The aim is to encourage the use of effective contraception, and to present information about the conditions in a way that is de-stigmatised. Her work is typically in the form of edible outcomes, having previously made a series of lollipop candies to convey information regarding the transmission of oral herpes, and fairy cakes responding to microscopic imagery of candida spores that cause yeast infections. However, she has also been known to explore this topic through painting, print work, and the production of small experimental 3-dimensional outcomes. The work she is currently producing is concerned with exploring the manifestations of candidiasis: how an imbalance of yeast can lead to fungal infections throughout the body, and their symptoms.

Tessa Fox