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Colleen O’Brien

Colleen O’Brien is a Canadian national, raised in the United States, who has lived in England for the past four years. Before studying at NUA she studied Integrated Media in Toronto, Ontario at OCAD University where she became interested in the relationship between technology and art. Much of her work is inspired by her passion and career as a vocalist and an electronic musician, with experience of performing and working in a variety of groups between London and Norwich. Her relationship with music often influences the basis of her work as a performance artist, incorporating live singing and electronic looping into the gallery space. Her performance work aims to emphasise the aural dimension of an exhibition, investigating the relationship between sound, space, and presence. Her continuous interest in technology and electronics has led her to learn how to code and build her own electronics. Her progress has allowed her to gain experience working with sensors, speakers, Arduinos and CCTV in order to create interactive multi-sensory installations that further her investigation of space and presence while directly engaging the viewer.


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