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Chloe Lowe

Chloe Lowe’s practice focuses heavily on the portraiture specifically regarding manipulation, deconstruction and distortion of the face. Toying with the use of aesthetic and the sublime she aims to recreate a version of an existing face with the specific intention of disrupting the natural structure to a point beyond recognition, by using an aesthetically pleasing colour palette for the use of skin and neutral tones with a hint of brightness where needed to make it seem more life-like. The sublime comes into play with the distortion side of her work, the unnerving knowledge of the content not only questioning the social norms of beauty within technology but also the traditional style of portraiture. Lowe’s current practice has taken a step towards technology and how this plays a part in how we see ourselves, how technology allows us to manipulate our faces to achieve our desired beauties in today’s society. Her focus with this is to destroy them via glitching; as Glitch Art relays the membrane of the normal to protocol after shattering an earlier one which is similar to what she aims to do within her artworks, manipulating images and working into a piece beyond recognition to create a new outcome.

Tessa Fox