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Chloe Hawes

Chloe Hawes works with paint to create abstract versions of architecture and space. Using multiple colours and shapes she is able to distort the viewers awareness of the place by showing the work in the space it was formed from. Hawes plays on the line between abstraction and reality to keep a hint of recognisability in her work, causing you to question whether you know what the image is or not. Using colour as a tool for further abstraction, Hawes is able to encourage movement within the piece, particularly with her use of complimentary colours and crisp clean lines, allowing each shade to vibrate against each other. With this, Hawes’ aim is to produce abstract paintings that encourage realisation, conversation and question amongst the audience and to also give knowledge on the space and how beautiful architecture can be, in any condition. Leading up to her current work, Hawes has been working with expanded painting to allow the abstractions to move out of the canvas and into its space, working almost as a new layer to the structure and causing further abstraction with the different geometrical shapes, the final result being an abstracted space in place of a canvas.

Tessa Fox