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Cameron McGee

The artist is engaged in the dynamic dissemination of value through form; one word that seems to embody this idea is morphogenesis. With that, Cameron McGee enjoys exploring the way complex systems are structured. Respective of direction, all things are connected in some way, and beneath complexity are multiple simplicities and vice versa. The interdimensional lattice that represents these connections becomes, in itself, a new form, emerging in consciousness. This propagation of form might also be called intention or thought, and is all part of experience. The consolidation of this might be called knowledge. These structures and patterns of thought that emerge from the interconnectivity of other complex systems which we interact with seem to self-perpetuate and create feedback loops, fluxes that further inform the subsequent structures of our memory. His practice therefore centres on the dismantling of systems and the attempt to understand the intersections, the invisible structures.

Tessa Fox