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Cameron Cole

Cameron Cole, artist from Norwich currently practices around the themes/imagery of Christianity and its relevance to a contemporary setting within society. His work displays fragments in order to evoke a feeling of ambiguity. He highlights how Religion, which once was a quintessential element that dominated most lives in the past, is becoming obsolete to many people in European areas. In his paintings, he has explored the ideas of violence and sombreness within historical settings in order to convey a strong sense of emotion through the medium of abstract artworks. As well as showing a substantial amount of information through Cole’s work, the viewer is left with a fairly open perspective of what the narrative of each piece could signify. He expresses that ‘Painting, as a medium I find is an extremely powerful tool in order to express something that is tangible yet intangible.’ Describing his work as portals or windows to another metaphysical place, bridging from reality to the imaginary. His obsession with the balance of chaos and order, as seen with serene washes of colour and intense gestural marks. The relationship between him and his works could be described as an interrogation.


Tessa Fox