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Aurelia Coster

Aurelia Coster’s practice aims to explore process, materiality and space, using a narrow tonal range in an attempt to visually stimulate. Her dynamic works embody the chaos and flux of the unknown or ‘thinking through making’, exploring the relationship between herself and the surface; investigating and discussing the distance and efforts encountered when making a painting. Inspired by the white cube ideology, both physical and virtual space has become important in her abstract painting. Working solely onto a bright white surface creates a foundation for the art to take its own form. 

Her works are as much performance as they are re-enactments of specific recognised sources, being restrained paintings and drawings. Textures, pigment and scale is considered, when challenging the fragile territory between contemporary and decorative art. Layering is a key part of Coster’s work; suggestive of a three-dimensional appearance but covered with painterly and gestural brush strokes, in contrast with an uncontrolled poured manifestation. This in turn creates an awkwardly curious layer to large-scale painting, capturing moments in time significant to producing imagery that reflects emotional attachment to her work. Inviting the viewer into these dynamic map-like spaces, playing with the awareness of the spectator becoming an object and the art holding its own life, creates an immersive yet confusing environment for the audience.

Tessa Fox