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Andia Brassley-Scillitoe

Andia Brassley-Scillitoe describes her artistic process as a relationship between fabric and paint. Using bright colours and occasionally monochrome palettes, she creates large painted material pieces switching between two dimensional and at times solid off-the-wall three-dimensional structures. Through the use of abstract marks, colourful tints and washes, she plays with the absorbency of the fabric, watering down media to create deliberately disordered imaginary imagery.

The fluidity that material can give compared to a stretched canvas, using mainly cotton and unprimed canvas, means she can fold, wrap, scrunch and layer the fabric to make complex structures. Brassley-Scillitoe’s practice reflects upon her own mental states, with the work being an extension of self: she has an unusual and spontaneous method of working which creates her irregular style.

Alveera Rahman