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Alex Steggles

The work of Alex Steggles is born out of a love for the act of painting itself, and out of admiration for a specific group of post-war London-based artists, which includes the likes of Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud.

Although his work is inherently figurative, the human body and the forms that surround it are treated in a distinctly fluid manner, which creates a merging of the individuals with the environment that surrounds them. The subject matter is often lifted from the work of photographers who captured particular groups of people during significant periods of their lives – John Deakin’s School of London photos, for example, or Billy Name’s documentation of Warhol’s Factory.

Although the constituents are treated with a degree of reverence, there is nonetheless an underlying sense of decadence, and even hedonism in the hazy, shadowed scenes that Steggles portrays, informed by his view of the contemporary society that he finds himself in.


Robyn Bailey