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Alex Day

Alexandria Day is a painter, specialising in the figurative form. Her main subject matter focuses on social taboos such as disability, social structure and death. The works shown are of her most recent solo exhibition discussing her biggest fear, but also celebrating, death. Alex’s main focal point was to celebrate the greater things in her life that she would be terrified to lose through death. For her final year, Alex’s work has been directed towards social classification, and the stigma’s attached to the classes. The interest for her has stemmed from her own upbringing, having come from a working-class background herself, she then moved to a middle-class area where she was made aware of how different the social classes actually are. Alex’s work will consist of several painted portraits, parading the real working-class of todays society. She believes there are too many stigmas about the working-class, stating they’re lazy, dirty and uncouth, so she will create these monumental works to celebrate the true working-class.

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