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Charlotte Hayden

Through various forms and mediums, Charlotte Hayden’s practice centres on the exploration of the imaginative realm of the human psyche – a landscape which is built upon memory and the process of perception which differs for each individual. Research into the surrealist movement has continued to feed into her practice and creative processes as evidenced by the significant role the unconscious mind has played as a form of inspiration for her work; by using dream recollections to help conjure what initially seem to be nonsensical images, these visual memories are then condensed into three dimensional sculptural form. The connection between surrealism and occultism is one which she has found fascinating and has drawn upon many times in her practice over the recent years. Hayden’s intrigue and passion for the history of occult practices has carved a new pathway within her artistic projects and continues to inspire works that strive to break away from the canvas surface – instead she aims to create scenes detached from the gallery space inspired by that which contradicts the tangible and real and instead indulges in dreams and fantasy.

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