Tina Hannay


The fugitive nature of thought and the fallibility of memory and of language have been key themes in Tina Hannay’s practice. The fertile territory of misunderstanding, translation and interpretation has led her to explore non-verbal communication and the deciphering of personal codes across a diverse range of media, using concept-appropriate processes and materials ranging from GIF animation to slip cast ceramics and paper-making.

Hannay’s investigation into deconstructive techniques and ‘un-making’ as an additive (rather than subtractive) creative tool aim to encourage an audience to question where the meaning lies in works which attempt to slow and shift the viewer’s perception. Discovering a keen interest in the facilitation of others’ engagement in process, her practice currently assumes a role of conduit between participant and process. Hannay devises and hosts events, which include collective making and social memory archiving, to create situations for public participation, interaction and connection.


Fine Art Students 2017

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