Scott McCrum

ScottMccrumScott McCrum is an artist who is passionate to tell the stories of those who are overlooked and struggling with mental health issues, battling the challenging stigmas that come attached to mental health. McCrum explores participatory art through engaging in interviews with his audience, and aims to bring their stories to life, giving a platform and a voice to individuals that may not have one. McCrum seeks to bring out the vulnerable stories of people that are easily overlooked, in a bid that the public would stop, listen, and see people rather than glance past them in day-to-day life. Any story worth telling is a story worth listening to.

McCrum combines artistic expression within the arena of technology, through the medium of digital painting and printing. This brings in an extra layer and mask of division between the individual’s story and the audience, causing his audience to question how much they may miss when browsing online social media.

Fine Art Students 2017

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