Rachel Kerry


Rachel Kerry’s work explores the hold the mass media has over society’s appearance and how it manipulates how we feel we should look. She explores this by considering the need to edit our appearance to comply with media trends, both in real life and through online personas. More specifically, it looks into the repetitive process of applying makeup every day, viewing makeup as a mask, a new identity, a form of camouflage, protection, a type of uniform. It takes an interest in the remnant of this mask in the form of a used makeup wipe, editing into this object to create further work, often through the use of stitching. Kerry is also interested in documenting the female gaze through mirrored reflections, through a series of video performances. More recently she has recorded herself applying makeup on to a mask created from a cast of her own face, which represents her own need to disguise her appearance.

Fine Art Students 2017

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