Nikita Payne


Nikita Payne uses painting to explore how digital technology has changed and continues to evolve our experiences of nature, space and time.  Payne’s most recent paintings depict appropriated landscape screensavers that allude to the heterotopic relationship we often share with everyday, yet overlooked, pictorial images. Payne attempts to capture the flatbed picture plane present within the digital screen through incorporating subtle glitches that deny you the image the same way computer icons operate. This creates a tension between the viewer and the painting, prompting them to question whether they are looking at a painted screen or a painted landscape.

By painting these idealised, picturesque landscapes, Payne highlights the function of the landscape screensaver as a metaphorical ‘space’ that is disjointed from conventional time. This metaphor is extended, as paint itself is a medium of old technology with its own temporal dislocation of time.

Fine Art Students 2017

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