Molly Aldous


shallow little rubber bumps and concrete pimples tell me what my eyes forgot and quickly feet arch bounce pleated up to meet that shiny steel lip. fingers lead my arm stretching through sardine bodies elbow for a pole and my body is in passenger. toes poised and pressed, knees bent opposite oiled hair, ironed hair, orange hair, skin peels off my legs second skin removed and slick with sweat and theirs, yellowing rubber peeling around the edges of stretched rows of seats, curved plastic perforated six times for the optimal aural experience, air ridden, approaching. barrier of vaseline absorbs into membrane and blocks out window of opportunity. swirling patterns on the already scratched panes, tips glowing. skate socks and a gold tooth glint in the fluorescent lighting, a sweet vanilla smell with gasoline and rubber charge you’re already wrinkled breath.


Fine Art Students 2017

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