Megan Aitken


Megan Aitken‚Äôs practice is based mainly around the natural environment. This theme allows the viewer to notice the simplicity of the natural beauty around them, with no distractions or anything man-made. Aitken does focus primarily on painting, but she also experiments with installations where she brings the ‘environment’ into a space.

Associating emotion within her work is something she feels strongly about, as she finds it interesting to see how certain environments make people feel. Feeling positive and at peace with yourself is something that she strives to achieve, and this is one main aspect she aims to communicate within her work. Aitken often paints large scale, rural scenes whilst emphasising the light and colours within the paintings. Her style adds intensity and as a result, her work appears more dream-like and atmospheric. Her influences include the artist Frederic Edwin Church and the photographer Chrystel Lebas.


Fine Art Students 2017

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