Lindsay Elise Jolly


Lindsay Elise Jolly is an artist who deals with materiality and the unknown, continuously investigating tacit knowledge and unpredictability. By its very nature, Jolly’s sculptural practice is filled with contradictions, ambiguities and opportunities to look deeper in to the physical nature of material properties.

Chance, the perceived notion of failure and process are vital to Jolly’s work as it embraces liminal transitions and pushes beyond the boundaries of the artists existing knowledge in order to enquire in to the very nature of creativity. Jolly is deeply intrigued by the psychological processes of living and the ways in which people approach and understand the world around them, including conscious/subconscious interaction, processing the influx of information in today’s world and the adaption of what is natural in the modern world. Lived experience for both viewer and artist is what links her physical creative practice and her research into psychology bringing them together within the process of her making.



Fine Art Students 2017

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