Lily Troup


Taking on the normative aesthetics of instruction manuals, stock imagery and home-furnishing catalogues, Lily Troup aims to problematise the generic as a category of style. By appropriating material native to a range of commonplace interiors, she questions the way we experience space, and how our environments shape notions such as skill, gender, labour and habitation.

The language used in her work is vague and dislocated, rejecting its original function as literal description in favour of a speculative poeticism that does not shy away from monotony. Just like our furniture and appliances, our ideology comes packaged with a preconceived neutrality which she playfully disassembles and rearranges. Along with the conceit of the model or prototype, the motifs of functionality and minimalism are key to examining the ways that boundaries shift, layers are perforated, and constituent parts flat-packed into the empty outlines of people, places and things. 


Fine Art Students 2017

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