Leonela Helm


Leonela Helm researches Venezuelan political information, either through the media or from individuals who live in the country. As the artist has not been back to the country of her birth for some time, her work now is based on her childhood memories and the comparison with her life now in England.

She compares politics and culture: even though life was not as bad for the artist whilst she lived there, up until 2008, political unsteadiness and danger has always been present in Venezuela. Helm presents these findings through a range of techniques from digital imagery to performance. Helm attended a course in Oslo, PAS#50 ‘Roots in Motion’, with artists from various nationalities or who have emigrated from their country of origin. This learning experience has enriched Helm’s work as she was working with very strong artists from various cultures.

Helm’s web-based blog showcases her work and thought process for her performances,


Fine Art Students 2017

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