Lauren Heyes


Lauren Heyes’ practice focuses on maps. With the maps, Lauren dissects them and turns them from durable maps into delicate installations. By dissecting maps, the materials go from a 2-dimensional depiction of the area to become a 3-dimensional form. Their value as a 2-dimensional form is influenced by their usefulness. By dissecting the maps, their function and usefulness is lost but replaced by an aesthetic value – an aesthetic design that begins to resemble both visually and biologically to parts of the human body. After the long process of the dissecting of the maps by hand, the display is then the focus of Lauren’s work. Hanging the maps to highlight their now aesthetic and delicate appearance in their final structure.

Lauren is also making the work to raise awareness to paper maps, a form of mapping that is becoming less common due to the growth of technology in the recent years, even with the change in appearance, they are still representations of paper maps. The maps are intensified and highlighted with the use of lighting to create shadow forms of the maps in the surrounding areas, heightening the way the material now resembles a different form of a map that is most commonly known.


Fine Art Students 2017

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