Kyle Pooley

Kylepooley3Being a fraction of a multidisciplinary practice, Kyle Pooley’s paintings start with an extreme definition of formalism in which all tools necessary to understand the painting are within the painting itself.

His works are self-referential, compositionally odd, out of place and uncomfortable relative to the ideals of perfect geometry made by machines. Colours used are un-mixed and raw. Rich, bright and pretty, strengthened by its smallness in size yet large in scale. The shape of the canvas is the shape in the canvas as opposed to the canvas being the holder of shapes.

The size and shape of the canvas is determined only after the design, composed of existing rules using tools available. The entirety of the composition can be seen as a classic way of creating a total image yet can also be appreciated for its individual stacking of two-dimensional planes only separated through colour.

Fine Art Students 2017

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