Kathryn Hall

KathrynHall-3The engaging pull of fantasy can captivate an audience and keep its attention while it unconsciously learns morals. In relation to this the practice of Kathryn Hall uses collage to make juxtapositions of animals, creating creatures of fantasy. “I was raised learning that the Bible was a collection of eyewitness accounts of the ‘divine power of Christ’, or ‘miracles’ as we call the things that can’t be explained. Collective knowledge of science has developed and we are now less fooled by illusion. My topic of interest is what humans have created through passing stories through the ages to what now is mostly believed to be fantasy.” Hall develops hybrid creatures into different media as experimentation into how the outcomes can be interpreted. Combinations of different media lends a sense of hybridity to the physical materials as well as the subject matter, further reinforcing the impression of something from the imagination.


Fine Art Students 2017

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