Jessica Lovelock



Jessica Lovelock’s practice has always aimed to evoke a feeling or emotion in the viewer. She uses a familiar setting, usually focusing in the domestic, to create a universal space that all viewers can relate to and feel comfortable in. She will then, through the topic of the work, try to create a feeling of unease or uncanny in this otherwise familiar space.

In her most recent works she looks at covering and concealing something in order to show there is something to hide. She currently works with the concept of ‘dirty laundry’ and how this could be a place to hide or reveal secrets.

She is a multi-media artist currently focusing on the mediums of textiles and print, and combines the two in her most recent sculptural works. She aims to leave viewers feeling uneasy with what they have seen, yet this is translated in the subtle underlying narrative of her pieces.


Fine Art Students 2017

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